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P= parveen
A= asma
K= kiran
I= iqra
S= seher
T= tuba
A= aalia
N= nida

PAKISTAN meri jan sab se pehle pakistan

There are only 2 options left

My heart problem has
reached a critical stage.
That doctor says:
There r only 2 options left‚¦
U C Me.

Hum ho gaye tumhare tumhe sochne k bad

Hum ho gaye tumhare tumhe sochne k bad,
Ab na daikhen gay kisi ko tumhe daikhne k bad,

Dunya chor dain gai tumhai chorne k bad,
KHUDA! Maaf kare itne jhut bolne k bad

Nagative answer

By expecting a negative answer,
Girlfriend ask "Have u ever cheated, lie, broken promise?"

To satisfy his girl,
the boy reply a negative answer:
"Nothing of these, I haven't done."

Teri girl friend gaye bazar

twinkle Twinkle little star,
teri girl friend gaye bazar,

us ko mil gaya MAJNO ka pyar,
ab tu beth ker makhiyan maaar

Men are like bank accounts.

Men are like bank accounts.
Without a lot of money
they don't generate
a lot of interest.

I heard that good looks can kill

I heard that good looks can kill...
So, please don't look at me
I don't wanna see you die.!!!

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