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U Can't let them wait that long

Just because you know
someone would wait for you forever,
it doesn't mean that
you can let them wait that long

Best medicine is care and love

A wise Physician said
"I have been practicing medicines for 30 years
and I have prescribed many things
but in the long run I have learned that
the best medicine for human creature is "CARE and LOVE"
Someone asked , if it doesn't work?
He smiled and answered "INCREASE THE DOSE"

Share jokes instead of feelings

Do You Know What Is Difficult To Do?

It Is Difficult To Share Jokes
With The Person You Love,

While Deep Inside,
What You Really Want Is To
Share Your Feelings

Perfect look of girls/women

GIRLS Want To Look
Perfect For A Bunch 0f Guys,
A WOMAN 0nly Wants To
Look Beautiful For 0nly One Man

Response is the powerful tool

"Response" Is One Of
The Powerful Tool To
Occupy A Place In
Someone's 'HEART'


Give The Best Response
To The Person Who Cares
For You

Do u love me more than your family?

Boy :Do you love me more than ur family ?
Girl :No
Boy :Why ?
Girl :okay Listen dis.
when i started to walk I fell, u were not there to pick me up. but my mom was.
When i went outside, you were not there to hold my finger. but my dad was
When i cried,u didn't gave me your toys to play,but my brother n sister did.
My family is more precious than anything else :)

Peoples hate / loves me because...

I know lots of people hate me
because i am 2 bad


few people surely love me
because they know that
my little goodness is not fake.

Life is everything / nothing

'Life is everything'
when the person u love misses u in your absence..
but 'life is nothing' When
they miss to understand your importance in your presence.