SMS / Text Messages

Made in Pakistan

Americans make a car
& 2 get some touch ups
They snd it 2 Japan
& they add a faster engine
Thn Japan sent it 2 UK
Who then added tinted windows
Who thn sent d car to China.
They added a better interior.
Thn they sent it 2 Pakistan.
Pakistani luk @ d car & see
What a good job all of them have done.
So they flip the car over
Put a stamp on MADE IN PAKISTAN

I pray for you

I pray for you

A life that you "truly deserve"
A life as good as your "heart"
A life as bright as your "smile"
A life as wonderful as your "dream"

Make sure it's cheap

The 1st Advice Of
Father To His Son
When Son Got His
Driving License Made,
"Remember 1 Thing Son
If U're Going To Hit
Anything, Make Sure
Its Cheap"

I want go back to that time

I want go back to that time

when ''getting high''
meant on ''swing''

when ''mom'' was
the only ''hero''

when ''dad's shoulders''
were the ''highest place'' on earth

when ''worst enemies''
were ur ''siblings''

when the only thing
that could ''hurt'' u, were ''skinned knees''

when the only things
''broken'' were ur ''toys''


when ''good byes'' only
meant ''till tomorrow''

Company making tissues

Man 1:
"I m Always Delighted
When People Stick Their
Noses In My

Man 2:
"Why, What Do You Do?"

Man 1:
"i've A Company, Make
Tissue Papers ..." ;->

Explain the meaning of colors to blind

A beautiful thought!!
The person who can explain the meaning
of color to a blind can explain
anything & everything in life!

Elephant sat on mercedes

What Happens When
The Elephant Sat On
The Mercedes Car ... ???
Everyone Knows
"The Mercedes bends" ;->

Santa's sexy wife

2 men were searching for their lost wife in a festival.
Banta: What does your wife look like?
Santa: She is 5'7", 36-24-36 sexy figure,
fair, sweet, beautiful, green sexy eyes, brown hair, and yours?

Banta: Forget mine, let us look for yours.

When your plans get upset

Sometimes ALLAH upsets your plans
to set up his own plans..
ALLAH's plans r perfect.
So never get upset
when your plans get upset

Have faith in ALLAH

Can You Define Who Is LECTURER?

Teacher To Student:

Can You Define Who Is LECTURER?

Student : A LECTURER Is A Person Who Has A Very Bad
Habit Of Speaking When Someone Is SLeeping.


Kabhi aajao tum pal bhar ko,
Mujhe tum se batien krni hain,

Kuch ghum k geet sunanay hain,
Kuch raaz hain jo batlanay hain,

Kuch dil ko b batlana hai,
Kuch zakhm hain jo dikhlanay hain,

Kuch dil se yaadain dhoni hain,
Kuch naatay nai bnanay hain,

Jo sher likhay hain teri furqat mein,
Kuch sher tumhe wo sunanay hain,

Kuch dard sunanay hain dil k,
Kuch piyar ki batien krni hain,

Kabhi aajao tum pal bhar ko,

Man on right & women on left

Q: Do u knw y in a couple's photo
man is on d right side & woman on d left?
A: Coz as per balance sheet,Liabilities r on d
Left Side & Assets on d Right!