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Risky not to take risk

It Is Risky Not To Take Risk.
If You Don't Take Risk,
Risk Will Take You.

Life is a paradox

Life is a paradox

whatever u want,
u don't get

whatever u get,
u don't enjoy

whatever u enjoy,
is not permanent

whatever is permanent,
is boring ...! :)

What to do ...

The true test of character of a person
is not how much we know how to do,
but how we behave
when we don't know
what to do..!!"

Always be the reason

Always b the reason
of some1's HAPPINESS
never b just a part of it

b a part of some1's SADNESS
never be the reason for it.

If u can understand, it's reality

"Always be good with the good but
Never be bad with the bad because
You cant wash mud with mud"
Its reality if u can understand.

When GOD solves your problems

When GOD solves your problems,
You have faith in his abilities....

When he doesn't solve your problems,
He has faith in your abilities...

When the time comes for you to give

When the time comes for you to give
your heart to someone,
make sure that u select someone who
will never break your heart,
coz broken hearts have no spare parts.

Management fundamental for success

Management fundamental for success ... :

If you don't like
any rule , just follow it
reach the top and
then change the rule

Empty and full pockets ...

"Empty Pockets teaches million things in life..."


"Full Pockets spoil's U in million ways

Give everything 2 enjoy life

Man to God:
"Please Give Me 'Everything'
So That I Can Enjoy 'Life'..."

God Smiled And Replied:
"I Have Given You
'Life'To Enjoy 'Everything'..." :-)

Treat everyone with politeness

"Treat everyone with politeness,
even those who are rude to you,
not because they are not nice,
but because YOU are nice!."

Mistake or choice

You can never make the same mistake twice.
The second time you make, its no longer a mistake, it's a choice.