SMS / Text Messages

Perfect For Each Other

That Boy N Girl

They Fight About
A Lot Of Things ,

But They Love All Of
The Same Music

She's Immature,
But He Accepts Her Silliness

They Both Say
They Hate Each Other
Secretly R Happy
When People Tell Them That
They Would Make A
Good Couple

They Act Like
They are Nothing More Than Friends
But Everyone Knows Otherwise.

When People Ask...
They Say They Don't Like Each Other
Still Hope That The Other One Is Lying

She's A Writer ,
He's A Football Player

She's More Beautiful Than
She'll Ever Know
He Already Does

They Are Completely Different
They Are Absolutely
Perfect For Each Other

I can promise ...

I can't promise to
solve all your problems,

But I can promise
you wont have to face them alone...

Girl cares the most

Girl cares the most, for every
relation in her life,
if she doesn't care about you,
be sure you never touched her heart

U r not like anyone else

There Will Always Be That 0ne Person
Who Love You
You're Not Like Anyone Else

No space for me love anyone else

During A Text Message Conversation:

Him: I Love You
Her: Iloveyoutoo
Him: Something Wrong With Your Space Bar ?
Her: No, There's Just No Space For Me To Love Anyone Else

Love and WHY

Why Was Snow White Given A Poisoned Apple?
- To Show Us That Not Everyone Is Gonna Be Kind
& Not Everyone Is Really Who They Say They Are.

Why Did Cinderella Run Away At Midnight?
- To Remind Us That Everything Does Have Its Limitations, Even Dreams.

Why Did Ariel Exchange Her Fins For Feet?
- To Show Us That People Are Willing To Give Up Anything
To Be With Who They Love & To Just Be Happy.

Why Did Aurora Sleep For 100 Years?
- To Tell Us That You Might Have To Wait For Quite Some Time
For Your True Love To Come Along,
Sometimes Very Long, But Its Worth It.

Why Did Princess Jasmine Fall For Aladdin?
- To Let Us Know That What The Heart Wants,
It Wants It No Matter What.

Why Was Belle In Love With A Beast?
- To Remind Us That You Cant Really Help Whats On The Outside,
But If The Inside Is Beautiful, Then Nothing Will Stand In The Way Of Your Love

Love Cycle

Love Cycle

When U Love,
You Get Hurt,

When U Get Hurt,
You Hate,

When U Hate,
You Try To Forget,

When U Try To Forget,
You Start Missing,

When U Start Missing,
You Fall In L0ve Again

"Value of relation"

"Value of relation"
is not that how much you feel happy with some one . .
But it is that
how much some one feels ALONE without you!

Memories of our friendship

A daily thought
A silent tear

A Constant wish
that u r near...

Words are few
but thoughts r deep...

Memories of our friendship
i will always keep

Coins of love, life, wife, love

"LOVE"is a Small Coin
"LIFE" is a BIG Coin
"Wife" is a Lucky Coin
"Lover" is a Sweet Coin


Keep it safe it..!

Sweetheart is a special .....

SWEETHEART, is a special word for LOVE,
LOVE, is special word for CARE,
CARE, is special word for FRIEND,
FRIEND, is special word for... 'YOU"

Love is on lips but ...

Very Very True Message,
Unspoken. . . .

"Love Is On Lips Of Many. . . .
But In The Heart Of Few