SMS / Text Messages

Is anjaan duniya main aap kahan say aa gayai?

Aaj is qadar raah main ishq bikhra para hai,
Aaj her khushbo phiki, aur gumnaam her dua hai,
Is anjaan duniya main aap kahan say aa gayai?
Koon ho aap, jis nay mohabbat say mujhey chuna hai

Kuch rishtay anjanay mein hi ho jatay hain

Kuch rishtay anjanay mein hi ho jatay hain,
Pehle dil phir zindagi say jur jatay hain,
Kehtay hain us daur ko pyaar,
Jisme log zindagi say bhi pyare ho jatay hain

Hum tumharay dil mein hain k nahi

Dosti karna‚ hamain bhi sikhado zara,
Us dil k konay mein hum ko bhi bithado zara,

Hum tumharay dil mein hain k nahi,
Zuban say na sahi sms se to batado zara.

Aap ki DOSTI ka sila her haal main daingay

Aap ki DOSTI ka sila her haal main daingay,
Koi maangay yeh DOSTI to usay taal daingay.

Agar dil nay kaha k tum BEWAFA ho,
To qasam say is DIL ko bhi SEENAY say nikal daingay.

So dream hope and love Makes Life Beautiful.

Life ends when you stop dreaming,
hope ends when you stop believing
and love ends when you stop caring.
So dream hope and love‚ Makes Life Beautiful.

Paani k bulbule sa hai mera pyar

Mere pyaar ka hisaab jo lagao gi,
To mere pyar ko bay hisaab pao gi,

Paani k bulbule sa hai mera pyar,
Zara si thees lagi to dhundte reh jao gi.

A cute love story

Two Butterflies
Were In Love.
1 Day They
Decided To Play
Hide N Seek,
They Fixed A
Flower & Decided That,
Tomorrow 1 Who Will Come First & Sit On This Flower
Will Love The Other More.
At Morning The Male Butterfly Came Very Early
& Waited For The Flower To Open.
When It Opened,
He Was Shocked To See That,
The Female Butterfly Had Died Inside It,
Bcoz She Was Waiting Since Last Night To Tell Him...!!

There is only one

In the world.
There is Only One Caste,
The Caste of Humanity.

There is only one Religion,
The Religion of Love.

There is only one Language,
The Language of the Heart.

Love defined by a simple boy

LOVE described by a simple boy;

L0ve is when mom kisses me.

L0ve is when dad l0oks at me dat one day he'll sit on couch watching tv
i'll c0me back 4m work & saying "dad abhi tak soye nhn"

Love is whn my bhabi will say hey bro i've seen a girl for you.

Love is when my sis while doing my work will say
"jab meri shadi hojae gi t0 k0n kam kare ga tmara"

lov is when i m doing my work my bro say
"chor yar aja kuch khany chalta han"

love is when my best friend say "I always miss u"

"Love is to feel the relations"

Stronger Heart

It takes a strong heart to love.
It takes a stronger heart to continue
to love after it has been hurt...

Unpredictable Life

Life is pretty much unpredictable.
I may not live long enough
but I won't miss out letting you know
that life is worth living
with someone like you around.

Is Faaslon Ki

In Faaslon ki Fikar main kyon karon Bhala?
Bohat Door reh k bhi mere paas hai koi,
Is soch main Dooba hai bohat dair se mera Dil.
Kia Uske Dil main bhi Aisa Ehsaas hai koi?