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For true success

For true success ask
yourself these four questions:
Why not?
Why not me?
Why not now?
(James Allen)

If you feel stressed

If you Feel Stressed,
Give yourself A Break..
Eat Some chocolates, Custards,
Ice Creams,Candies n Cakes..


Spelled Backwards
is DESSERTS.. ..:)

The best quote of advertisment

The best quote of advertisment
written in front of a famous beauty parlour :

"Don't whistle at the girl going out from here,
She might b ur grand mother..."

Positive thought

A baby mosquito came back after its 1st fight.
Dad asked: "how did u feel?"
It replied: "Dad it was wonderful. evry1 ws clappin 4 me"

Moral: Take evrything positively

Dont be scared

Don't be scared by a person
who practices a 100 kicks one time,
fear a person
who practices 1 kick a 100 times.

Best couple in the world

U know who is d best couple in the world?
Smile and tears.
Usually they r not seen 2gether,
but when they r together its the best moment of the life*

Hands / Heart in pain

"Cute Feeling"

My Hands Never Pain
When Typing Message For You,

But My Heart Always
In Pain When There Is No Reply..

ECG if you go out ..

ECG if u go out with wife

ECG if u go out with girlfriend

ECG if wife catches u with girlfriend...

9 Interesting confusions

"Interesting Confusions"

1. Can u cry under water?

2. Do fish ever get thirsty?

3. Why don't birds fall out of trees when they sleep?

4. What do u call a male lady bird?

5. Why is it called building when it's already built?

6. When they say dog food is new & improved in taste, who tastes it?

7. If money doesn't grow on trees then why banks have branches?

8. Why does a round pizza come in sqaure box?

9.Why doesn't glue, stick to its bottle;-)..!!

Learn obedience first

Always learn to be a servant;
and then
you will be fit to be a master.

Spelling mistake in lovers name

Height Of Illiteracy:

You Take A Blade
Write Your Lovers Name On Your Arm.
Make A Spelling Mistake.