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Who your well wishers are

When your successful
your well wishers know
who you are

when you are unsuccessful
you know
who your well wishers are

Effort is important

Effort is important,
but knowing where
to make an effort
in your life
makes all the difference.

A beautiful belief

A beautiful belief:

If God answers ur prayer,
He is increasing ur faith.

If He delays,
He is increasing ur patience

If he doesn't answer,
He knows u can handle

Each moment of your life is a picture

Each moment of your life is a picture
which u had never seen before.
And which ull never see again so enjoy
live life & make each moment beautiful....

The trouble with a Rat race

The trouble with a Rat race
is that even if u win,
u are still a Rat.

So Always run with Lions.
No matter even if u r defeated,
u are still a Lion.

Sacrifice is greater than love

Sacrifice is greater than love,

character is greater than beauty,

humanity is greater than wealth,

but nothing is greater than good relations.

Actions make u feel..

I've learned that

people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget

how you made them feel.”

Save relation,,be mature

Immature people want to win an argument,

even at the cost of relationship.

Mature people opt to loose

an argument in order to maintain a relation....

Good behaviour

"No person in this world is born as

a friend or as an enemy"

Our behaviour,attitude and character

makes them what they are to us.

Hide your emotions

Great lesson from life,,,,

There is no market for your emotions,

so never advertise your feelings,

just display your attitude.

Lonely hours is the thoughtful time

Lonely hours is the best time of life,
because its the only time
I share my deepest secrets with
the most trusted person in the world,,,

Arguing with stupid people .. slapping urself

Arguing with stupid people
is like killing the Mosquito
on your cheek.
You might or might not
kill it, but you'll end up
slapping yourself.