SMS / Text Messages

Sardar going to shikaar

Sardar darvaze pe GUN liye khara tha
Wife: y r u standing here?
Sardar: Sher k shikar pe ja raha hon
Wife: To jao na..!
Sardar: Kase jaon baher KUTTA khara hai

What is the difference between monkey and donkey

What is the difference between
Monkey & Donkey ?
Monkey saves this message
Donkey deletes this message.

Choice is urs........:p

Staying quiet when u hurt me

I Have Decided To Stay Quiet
When You Hurt Me!

Because If I Hurt You Back
Eventually It Is Gonna Hurt Me
More Than You!

U r not in someone's heart

Small but Touching Thought:
"Before U Break Someone's Heart,
Make Sure u r Not In It"

Worries are like moon

Worries Are Like MOON

>1 Day will Increase
>1 Day will Decrease
>Other Day may not be seen

So Don't Worry 4 Anything.
All Iz Well. Keep :)

An idea that is developed

"An Idea that is developed
put into Action
is more important than
an Idea that exists as an Idea only."

Reason for everything

There is always a reason 4 everything
A reason 2 live
A reason 2 die
A reason 2 cry,
But if u can€™t find a reason to smile
Can I be the reason 4 a while:)

Time to help or time to hurt

Knowingly We Dont Have Time To Help People,

Unknowingly We Always Manage Time To Hurt People.

Think Again.

Its True.

If Not happy being single!

"If you are not happy being single,
U'll never be happy in a relationship..!!
Get your own life first,
then try 2 share it with someone"

Parrot sits on elephant

Q- a parrots sits on an elephant and the elephant died!!
Prove how is this possible….?
Physics student:
assume that elephant’s name is parrot
parrot’s name is elephant:d:p:)
physics can prove anything

What to do when mosquito bites?

At Night If Mosquito Bites,
What Should We Do.?
Just Scratch N Sleep Again
We R Not Rajnikant
2 Make The Mosquito Say Sorry.

Silence and smile is the best..

Is d best Answer
for all questions

Is d best Reaction
in all situations


BOTH Never Help In