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Cute Rose Day MSG

How Could I Have Lived All These Years Without You?
My Life Is Divided Into Two Parts,
Before And After I Met You.
My Life Changed For The Better
After You Entered It And I Thank God For You.

Happy Rose Day.

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Come up,,

Even though u’re not feeling ur best
With a little time, good care & rest
It won’t be long until the happy day
When u’re feeling fine in every way

Don't copy if u can't paste! :p

A famous inspirational speaker said:
"Best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman, who wasn't my wife"
Audience was in shock and silence..
He added: "she was my mother"
A big round of applause & laughter!

A very daring husbnd tried to crack this at home
After a dinner, he said loudly to his wife in the kitchen:
"Best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman, who wasn't my wife"
standing for a moment, trying to recall the second line of that speaker

by the time he gained his senses,
he was on a hospital bed,
recovering from burns of boiling water!

Moral: don't copy if u can't paste!

Live life like a pair of walking feet

Live life like a pair of walking feet,
The foot that is forward has no pride
the foot behind has no shame

because they both knows their situation will change!

2 get through this life, feel it, live it, face it

95 days after my birth,
I knew who is my mom.
90 days after my first syllable,
I knew what words are.
30 minutes after my loved one left me,
I knew what tears are.
25 feet off from the ground over the cliff,
I knew what it is to be alive.
20 days after my dear one's death,
I knew that life must go on.
3 weeks after my friend left me,
I knew what it is to be alone.
every fraction of time,
no matter how you divide,
teaches you something.
experience is the only constant,
to get through this life.
feel it
live it
face it

One day with a great teacher!

"Better Than A Thousand Days
Of Diligent Study Is One Day
With A Great Teacher..."

Happy Teacher's Day

I am really sorry!

I Don't Know
How To Make Things Better Between Us
I Can Start By Saying
I'm Sorry
I Really Am:(

Maybe I m not fine

No one is mine
May be Im not fine,

No one cares 4 me
No one has tears 4 me,

No one belives me
Everyone says leave me,

If I ever cry
No one wil even ask why?

and If I ever die
No one will cry,

No one says take care
Everyone says I dont care,

When I need someone 4 myself
I find no one 4help,

I dont know why?
Maybe talking to me they feel shy..!!

No one is mine
Maybe I m not fine. .. :-|

Why student fails ?

Sundays-52 in a year,Days left 313
Summer holidays 50,Days left 263
8 hrs daily sleep-130 days GONe, Days left 141
1 hr daily playing means 15 days,Days left 126
2 hrs daily for eating means 30 days.Days left 96,
1 hr talking means 15 days.,Days left 81
Exams days 35 days,Days left 46
Eid & Gov holidays 20, Days left 26
Movies,TV at least 25 days,Days left 1
That 1 day is your BIRTHDAY.
Hun banda SALGIRHA waly din bhi parhy?

Still i love her

Even though,
she hates me in every movement of life ,
but i love her with very seconds,
not because she has broken my heart,
but she as thought me to live with broken heart,

You choose to be happy or sad

You can choose to be happy or
sad and whichever you choose
that is what you get.
No one is really responsible
to make someone else happy,
no matter what most people have
been taught and accept as true.