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Happy New Year Baby!

Send Me Some Loving,
Add A Kiss Or Two To The Mail.
I Am Yearning and Longing For You
To Come On Home.
Even though you’re Miles Across The World.
I Feel So Happy like
You’re Right Here
I Can’t Stop Thinking about You,
Happy New Year Baby!

Good behaviour

"No person in this world is born as

a friend or as an enemy"

Our behaviour,attitude and character

makes them what they are to us.

You will be happy forever.

If you wait for happy moments,
You will wait forever.
If you start believing that you are happy,
You will be happy forever.

Sweet demand by kid

A Sweet demand by a kid.
A kid was beaten by his mom.
Dad came n asked- what happen son?
Kid said-I cant adjust with your wife anymore,
I want my own.

To create and maintain a relation

"To create a relation is
as simple as to write SAND with SAND on SAND....

while to maintain a relation is
as difficult as to write WATER with WATER on WATER.."

A good plan of today

A good plan of today
is better than a great plan of tomorrow.

Look backward with satisfaction
& look forward with confidence.

Geeley kaghaz ki tarhaan hai zindagi apni

Geeley kaghaz ki tarhaan hai zindagi apni
Koi likhta bhi nahi koi jalata bhi nahi

Is qadar akele ho gai hain aaj kal
Koi satata bhi nahi or koi manata bhi nahi

Chand to tum ho hi,

Kash tumhare chere pe chicken-pox ke daag hote,
chand to tum ho hi,
sitaray bhi saath hote!!

This horrible thing is what you call modern art

Sardar at an Art Gallery:
I suppose this horrible looking thing is
what you call modern art ?

Art dealer: I beg your pardon sir, thats a mirror!

Celebrate Happy New Year Message 4 Spouse

We Are Going To Celebrate Tonight,
The Kids Are In Bed,
And I Am Setting The Mood
For Us To Get Our Groove On.
Hurry Up !
And Come On Home
And Let Me Wish You
A Happy New Year.

Hide your emotions

Great lesson from life,,,,

There is no market for your emotions,

so never advertise your feelings,

just display your attitude.

Designer Of Your Future

If You Translate
Every Mistake Of Your Life
Into a 'Positive' One,

You Will Never Be A
'Prisoner Of Your Past',
But A "Designer Of Your Future"