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My care and anger

My Care Will Be
In The Heart,
Not In Words..
My Anger Will Be
In Words,
Not In The Heart !!

A boys eye / girls heart

A Boys Eye Is Faster Than Google
In Searching A Girl In A Crowd
A Girls Heart Is Slower Than Turtle
In forgetting A Boy Whom She Loved

Difference between love and rain

Love & Rain Both Are Same
Both Gives Our Life True Joy
Basic Difference Is
Rain Wets Our Body
Love Wets Our Eyes!

Relations r like ring

Lovely Relations Are Like a Ring,
If We Wear It,
It'll Hold Our Finger Tightly..
If We Remove It,
It'll Surely Make Us To Feel Its Absnce..

I wont die for my love

"If my love fails I won't die for her.."

Because she might get a lover again.
But for my Mom,
she Never get a son like me again.!

Face of love

When ua've so much pain in ur heart, u want to cry..
Only person who can stop u from crying
is exactly the same person who made u cry..

No past tense in loving someone

There Is No Past Tense
In Loving Someone...
It's Either You Always Will
You Never Did...

Your love is unique and special

Your love is unique and special,
When you follow only your heart but
not reasons,
not rules,
not what others saying,
not even your own mind !!!!

Love is a medicine

Love is a medicine
for any kind of wound,

but there is no medicine
found in the world
for a wound given by love.

Ultimate Truth of Love

Ultimate Truth of Love

Love Is What ...
Can Be Felt Not Told

It Can Be Given
Not Sold

It Comes When
You Least Expect It


Leaves You When
You Most Need It ...

Happy Valentine Day!

Even though
We dont get to be with each other
As much as wed like‚¦
I wanted to let you know
In the morning‚¦ in the night‚¦
U are on my mind‚¦ 24 x 7

Happy Valentine Day!

I wont forget you

I was on a ship thinking of you.
when i looked down i dropped a tear in the ocean.
then i promised myself that until someone finds it.
i wont forget you.