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Five things you can't recover in life

Five things you can't recover in life,
Stone after thrown,
word after said,
occasion after missed,
time after gone
trust after lost...!
Have a nice day.

'The POLITE Way to PEE!

''The POLITE Way to PEE!"

Teacher trying to teach good manners asked her students this question:
Michael if u were on a date having di˝ner with a nice young lady, how wud u tell her that u hav to go to the bathroom?
Michael, "Just a min i hav to go pee".
Teacher: That would be rude & impolite. How about u SAM. Sam said "i realy need 2 go 2 toilet, i m sory". Teacher, "thats beter but stil not nice to say word toilet. Oh u little Jonny can u use ur brain?
JONNY said,
"Darling,may i plz b excused for a moment?I've 2 shake hands with a very dear frnd of mine, whom i hope 2 introduce 2 u after diner" :-p

Headlights and wipers

After an accident,
A v.angry driver: I showed u d headlights
& told u 2 go by side.

Santa: I also started d wipers
& said No, no..No no. :D

Hawaon k hath ek arman bheja hai

Hawaon k hath ek arman bheja hai,
Roshni k zariye ek paigham bheja hai,

Fursat milay to qabool ker lena,
is nacheez ne"Piyara" sa "Salam" bheja hai

Zindagi nahin hamain doston say pyari

Zindagi nahin hamain doston say pyari,
Doston pay hazir hay jaan hammari,

Ankhon main hamaray ansu hain to kia,
Jaan say bhi pyaari hay muskaan tumhari..

Shayari main dimagh nahin dil zarori hay

Shayari main dimagh nahin dil zarori hay,
Kuch jigar ka khoon ho shamil zarori hay,

Sirf lafzon ki tukbundi shayari nahin hoti,
Shair ho dil pay lagnay k qabil zarori hay...

Save treed on paper

Definition of Human being by a philosopher:

A creature that cuts trees
and makes paper,
and on those papers

Degrees of girls!

Degrees of girls!
B.A.-Beautiful Angel
B.E.-Beautiful Eyes
B.Sc.-Beautiful Structure
B.Com-Beautiful Communication
M.B.A.-Married But Awesome!

Ghori kinnay charhaya

Who let you get on the horse
You witch's child?
Can't understand?
Tenu ghori kinnay charhaya bhootni k...:p:d

4 Blessed ways of living

4 Blessed ways of living:
Look back & Thank God.

Look forward & Trust God

Look around & serve God.

Look within & Find God..!!

Kya zamana tha hum roz mila karte thay

Kya zamana tha hum roz mila karte thay,
Raat bhar chand k hamrah chala karte the,

Dekh k jo hamain chup chap guzar jata hai,
Kabhi is shakhs sey hum pyar kiya karte the.