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Wanna do more than exist

The only thing I really wish to do with my life is to inspire someone.
I want to touch someone’s life so much that
they can genuinely say that if they have never met me
then they wouldn’t be the person they are today.
I want to save someone; save them from this cold, dark and lonely world.
I wish to be someone’s hero, someone that people look up to.
I only wish to make a change, even if it’s a small one.
I just want to do more than exist.

Nature of every human

Anything is more important
when you can not get it.

When you can get it
this is less important for you.

This is nature of every human.

Doing the best is all that matters

Success lies not in the result
but in the effort,

Being the best is not at all important,
doing the best is all that matters.

Wishing 1st of January 2018

Young hearts that R full of cheers,
With never a thought of sorrows.

The old goes out,
but the glad Young Year 2018 Comes merrily in tomorrow.

Wishing you happy 1st of January 2018

New Year Message for Friends & Family Members

May the new year
Bring these wishes to all of you
Warmth of love, comfort of home
Joy for your children,
Company and support of family n friends
A caring heart that accepts
N treats all human beings equally
Enrichment of knowledge n
Richness of diversity
Courage to seek n speak the truth
Even if it means standing alone
Hopes n dreams of a just world n
The desire to make it happen
A light to guide your path
Helping hands to strengthen unity
Serenity n peace within your mind,

Heart is mobile and u r sim

GIRL:My heart is like a mobile
and you are the sim card

BOY:I m very happy. . .
Gal:dont b too happy. . .
If I get a new offer
I will change the sim card..!

Find and marry me!

How Cute!

A Boy & A Girl Were Playing Hide-Seek..

She Sent A SMS:"

If You Find Me, You Can Marry Me..

If You Can't
I'm Hidden In D Shed".!

Pain felt by heart or hand

Cute feeling..:
My hands never pain
when typing message for you..!!

But my heart always pain
when there is no reply
from you..!!

Excellent road sentence

An Excellent RoAd sentence
Written on National Highway:

Go Slow,
Unless U Have An Urgent Appointment With God!

A true Friend is 1 Who...

The 1 who holds Ur hand
every time when U need support,
is surely a Good Friend
A true Friend is 1 Who
holds Ur hand more
tightly when U say
"Leave Me Alone"

Friendship gives our heart a lift

Friendship Is A Treasured Gift
That Gives Our Heart A Lift

A Blessing We Just Cannot Do Without
Because Friendship Is What
Living Is All About ...