Give yourself ....

Give yourself a chance,
Give yourself the moment,
Give yourself the freedom,
Give yourself the power,
Give yourself the confidence,
Live for today not for tomorrow,
Live the EXTREME !!!!!!!
Because you got yourself only one life... LIVE IT !!!!

Cupid 2 represent valentines day

I don't understand why Cupid
was chosen to represent Valentine's Day.
When I think about romance,
the last thing on my mind is a short,
chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.

Aakhir de za pa kom gunah prekhodam

Wale de meena ke ruswa prekhodam
Dasi di wale benawa prekhodam
Okhko pa makh me laare jore krale
Za ashna ta che na-ashna prekhodam
Mehfal khaista da raqibano de kro
Kala che za de yak tanha prekhodam
Za sodaee pa taal da meeni zangam
Laka Majnoon de pa sahra prekhodam
Ma Imdad Khiyal ta khpal qasoor o haya
Aakhir de za pa kom gunah prekhodam

No Gila me Zka Wokra

Thore starge kawi thal da zra draza ta SMS
Majnoon da zamae kawi Laila tha SMS
Baidar zarge me ghwari Dilruba tha SMS
Booday kre kala kala khpal Booda tha SMS
Kri meena che shoro kala Adaa tha SMS
Singaar daaayine okri khula ta SMS
Jeenai kri kala kala khpal Ashna tha SMS
Ashna kri da Jeenai pa sar hr cha tha SMS
Klawi tola dunya tole dunya tha SMS
Kho yao tha ye Che ta na kawe zama ta SMS.
No Gila me Zka Wokra

Happy April Fool's Day 2015

Yes, today I am here to wish you Happy April Fool's Day 2015.
And let me admit that I am happy today.
I am Happy Today because:
When many peoples are lying and making April Fool, I haven't lied.
When many peoples are cheating, I haven't cheated anyone.
When almost everyone is hurting by false stuff, I haven't hurt anyone.

I wish you to be Happy like me on This April Fools Day.

April Fool's Day Origin / History / Theory (5 facts)

April Fool's Day Theory / Origin / History (5 facts)

1.Biblical Theory: The origin of April Fool's Day dates back to Bible days when the history of this day was first recorded.

2.Roman Origins: Pranks and mischief played upon people on 1 April also dates back to ancient Roman times.

3.Change from Julian to Gregorian Calendar: Another theory attributes the origin of April Fool's Day to the change from Julian to Gregorian calendar.

4.British Folklore: As per another folklore from British culture, the 13th century King used to declare every road he walked as public property.

5.Stop at 12 Noon: April Fool's Day is characterized with a renewal festival celebrated by most cultures around the world such as the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

But did you know that according to tradition, the time for pranks and jokes must stop at 12 noon on 1 April?

Take time to / for in 2015

Take time to pray...
it helps to bring God near and washes the dust of earth from your eyes.

Take time for friends...
they are the source of happiness.

Take time for work...
it is the price of success.

Take time to think...
it is the source of power.

Take time to read...
it is the foundation of knowledge.

Take time to laugh...
it is the singing that helps with life's loads.

Take time to love...
it is the one sacrament of life.

Take time to dream...
it hitches the soul to the stars.

Take time to play...
it is the secret of youth.

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