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Wife: If I die what will u do?

Wife: If I die what will u do?
Husband: Main paagal ho jaun ga!

Wife: Will u marry again after I die?
Husband: Pagal kuch bhi kar sakta hai

One million copies of a new book sold

One million copies of a new book sold
In just 2 days due to typing error of 1 alphabet in title.

"An idea,that can change ur wife''
While real word was(life).

Difference between wife & saali

What is the difference between wife & saali?

Saali is Beauty,
Wife is duy,

Saali is passion,
Wife is tension,

Saali is patakha,
Wife is sayapa,

Saali is cool,
Wife is fool,

Saali is tuty-fruity,
Wife is qismat futi,

Saali is fresh cake,
Wife is earth quake...:p

Dream of receiving jewelry & cloths

Wife: yesterday-night I saw a dream
That u were sending me
Jewelry and clothes!
Husband: yeah, I saw
your dad paying the bill !!!

A man / woman speaks

As per research

A man speaks 25,000 words daily
A woman speaks 30,000

Problem starts when husband comes home
from office after consuming his 25,000 words
wife starts her 30,000..

Your husband needs rest

Doctor:Madam, your husband needs rest
and pease so here are some sleeping pills.

Wife: Doc, when should I give them to him?
Doctor:They are for you.!!

Wife: Nonsense it's only a matter of patience

Husband:u will never succeed
in making that dog obey u!
Wife:Nonsense it's only a matter of patience,
I had a lot of trouble with u at first.

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