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Go and water the plants

Sardar told his servant:
Go and water the plants. Servant
its already raining. Sardar: So what?
Take an umbrella and go.

When things go wrong...

When things go wrong...
when sadness fills ur heart...
when tears flow in ur eyes...always remember 3 things
2---ur parents
3---my sincere prayers.....
God bless u.

New APP for Husbands in iphone 7

After massive demand from all husbands...
A new app called,"Fear" is launched in IPHONE 7
You just say ,"Wife"
and it immediately closes all websites,
hides all chats,
shuts down all games,
hide all special folders
deletes chat history!

and best above all,
it puts your wife's photograph as a wallpaper.

How To Do French Kiss / Tongue Kiss

French Kiss is Probably the most famous kiss,
the French kiss is an open-mouthed kiss where
one person's tongue touches the other person's tongue.
Also called a "tongue kiss,"
the French kiss easy enough to execute,
but it can take years to master.

Brand New New Year Wish

Let the brand New Year discovers you
more joyful,
more cheerful
more satisfied.

Here is wishing you a Happy New Year

When I failed in 2 subjects

I Cried When I Failed
In 2 Subjects,
I laughed When I Came To
Know My Friend Failed In 5
Subjects... ;-) :-P

'I' Pray For 'U'

'I' Pray For 'U'

A Day That U Truly Deserve
A Day As Good As Ur Heart
A Day As Bright As Ur Smile
A Day As Wonderful As U Want


Good Morning