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My Sweet Father..I Love U!

When I was a Kid
My Father Always Care of Me
When I Start Walk on my Feet
My Father Celebrate that Day
When I Start My School
On First Day
My Father Go With Me in My Class

My Sweet Father..I Love U!

Kor da IMDAD da Zargi wran prot de.

Ta da khaist pa Tajmahal ke ose,
Sta lewane pa byaban prot de.
Khudaya da sta pa de wadana dunya
Kor da IMDAD da Zargi wran prot de.

Fun-filled women's day

This Women's Day resolve to...
Get your choices right!
In a nutshell...
Have a fun-filled and
Enjoyable Women's Day!

7 Feb marks the 1st day of valentine week beginning with Rose Day . Here we have collected some of the best rose day greetings, quotes, wishes, statuses, and sms messages for everyone to wish a very Happy Rose Day.

Let's Sing on Happy Republic Day India

Let's Sing With Me Without Fear
Our National Anthem And Salute
To Our Great Nation.


We Won The Battle

Happy New Year in Bengali

May This New Year Be One Of Its Kinds.
May It Be An Opportunity
To Fill Your Life With Bright Cheer And Happiness.
May It Bring Prosperity
And Joy For The Rest Of Your Life.

Have A Great New Year for All my Bengali Friends.
Happy New Year in Bengali is called,"Happy Nobo Borsho"

Take time to / for in 2017

Take time to pray...
it helps to bring God near and washes the dust of earth from your eyes.

Take time for friends...
they are the source of happiness.

Take time for work...
it is the price of success.

Take time to think...
it is the source of power.

Take time to read...
it is the foundation of knowledge.

Take time to laugh...
it is the singing that helps with life's loads.

Take time to love...
it is the one sacrament of life.

Take time to dream...
it hitches the soul to the stars.

Take time to play...
it is the secret of youth.

I am still standing on same spot

I am still standing on same spot,
Where you left my heart to rot,

At first i thought i'd make it through,
But, seems like i can't stop loving you,

It is getting very hard to be strong,
Coz i have been missing you since long,

And now i don't have anymore tears to cry,
Still my heart's can't seem to say goodbye..!!