Those who disbelieve

Then as to those who
disbelieve I will chastise them
with severe chastisement
in this world and the
hereafter and they
shall have no helpers ."

< Al- Qura'an >

Why wish delay abt death

"When you have to
depart fro this world
and have to meet
death (eventually)
then why wish delay
(why feel nervous)
about death ..."

Hazrat Ali [R.A]

5 Raaton mein mangi Dua

5Raaton mein mangi Dua Rad
nahi hoti,
1..27 Rajab
2..15 Shaban
5..Jumay ki Raat

Faith has four pillar

"Faith has four pillars:
and struggle."

By Imam Ali (a.s)

Perfume yourselves with the fragrance

Perfume yourselves
with the fragrance of
seeking forgiveness
lest the stench of sins pollute you.
by Imam Ali (a)

Do not betray anyone

Do not betray anyone
who places his trust in you ...
even if he betrays you.
Imam Ali (a)

Take your words

Take your words into account
as part of your actions,
and do not say anything
unless it is good.
Imam Ali (a)

Fact About Aab-Zam Zam

ZAM ZAM is about 18*14 feet and 13 meters deep well.
It started 4000 years ago.
Never dried since then never changed taste.
No Algae or Plant growth in the well.
This small well provides water to Millions of people.
Through Heavy motors pulling 8000 liters per second (69.12 core liter in 24 hrs)
& after 24 hours it completes its level in only 11 mints.
Thus its Alter level never decreases.

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