SMS / Text Messages

Y elephants r large, gray & wrinkly?

Why Are Elephants
Large, Gray And
Wrinkly... ?
If They Were
Small Round & White
They Would Be
''Aspirins" ;->

Apnon k sitam hamsay bataye nahin jatay

Apnon k sitam hamsay bataye nahin jatay,
Yeh hadsay woh hain jo samjhaye nahin jatay,

Aik umer ki koshish say bhula di hay teri yaad,
Laikin teri yaad k sayai nahin jaatay...

Bas aapki ek jhalak nahin milti

Aapke khayalon say fursat nahi milti,
hame ek pal ki raahat nahin milti...

mil to jata hai sab kuch..
bas aapki ek jhalak nahin milti.

Relationships never die naturally

Relationships never die a natural death...
They are always murdered by

Himesh to magnify picture

What will Himesh say to magnify a picture..?
Zara Zoom Zoom... ;->

Attitude of girls

Attitude of girls:

When a boy sends dirty sms
she laughs for 10 minutes,
forward dat to her friends n
then replies the boy.
"i dont like that kind of sms ok?" :p ;->

Innocent eyes, kissable lips, great smile

Those innocent eyes,
those kissable lips,
a great smile the perfect walk,
smoothest talk, absolute gorgeous,
thats enough about me ...
How about you ?

Same mobile phone chargers

Life would be so much easier
If everyone had the same
mobile phone charger:-P

"Anni paa dety"

koi Book aesi milti jis pey Dil luta dety,
Her subject ney demagh khaya kisi 1 ko nipta dety,

Ab sylabus dekh ker ye sochten hain k,
1 maheena or hota to anni paa dety

If your road / destination is ...

If your road is beautiful
then worry about the destination,

if your destination is beautiful
then don't worry about the road...

Feel d difference of boy / girl

If a boy gives a love letter 2 a gal, people call him "Loffer"
But if a gal gives a letter 2 a boy, they call it "Offer".
Feel the difference;)

Ai muhabbat tere anjam pey rona aaya

Ai muhabbat tere anjam pey rona aaya,
Jane kyu aaj tere naam pe rona aaya,

Kabhi taqdir ka matam kabhi duniya ka gham,
Manzile ishq mein har gaam pe rona aaya...