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When some love is gone

When some love is gone,
It doesn't mean you should
Be bitter.
It only means you need someone
Love always ends for a reason
And leaves with a lesson

Perfect For Each Other

That Boy N Girl

They Fight About
A Lot Of Things ,

But They Love All Of
The Same Music

She's Immature,
But He Accepts Her Silliness

They Both Say
They Hate Each Other
Secretly R Happy
When People Tell Them That
They Would Make A
Good Couple

They Act Like
They are Nothing More Than Friends
But Everyone Knows Otherwise.

When People Ask...
They Say They Don't Like Each Other
Still Hope That The Other One Is Lying

She's A Writer ,
He's A Football Player

She's More Beautiful Than
She'll Ever Know
He Already Does

They Are Completely Different
They Are Absolutely
Perfect For Each Other

Why do muslim covers females?

A Christian Guy Asked a Muslim Guy:
Why Do Your Females Cover Up Their Body & Hair?

The Muslim Guy Smiled & Took Out 2 Sweets,
He Opened One & Kept The Other One Wrapped.
He Threw Them Both On The Dusty Floor & Asked The Christian:
Now If I Ask You To Take One Of These Sweets,
Which One Will You Choose?

The Christian Replied: The Covered one.

The Muslim Guy Said:
That's How We See & Respect Our Women.