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To b in love with Allah

What a nice feeling
In Love
No Pain
No Disapointment
No worries.
Blessings Blessings

Allah Says, Try to..

Allah Says:-

Try to Walk on My Way,
Ill Make all the Ways Easy for you.

Try to Spend your Wealth in My Way,
I ll Open Oceans of Treasure for you.

Try to Leave your Wills for Me,
I ll Make your Desired Destiny for you.

Try to Bear Pain on My Way,
I ll Open the Doors of My Care for you.

Try to Believe in Me,
I ll Make Sincere Friends for you.

Try to Be Mine,
I ll Make Everyone for you !‚

No for an answer

When God gives us 'NO'
for an answer Keep in mind
that there is a much greater 'YES' behind it.
His 'NO' is not a 'REJECTION', But a 'REDIRECTION' :-)

Next to the heart to be loved

A woman was created from a mans rib(Adam).
Not from his feet 2 be walked on,
Not from his head 2 be superior over,
But from his side to be equal,
Under the arm to be protected,
Next to the heart to be loved...

When you are in trouble

When you are in trouble,
don't ever say,"Hey God!, I have big problem"
say,"Hey Problem, I have big GOD!"
and everything will be fine....