We will/can repent

#Five common tricks of shaytaan... Let's Beware!
You are young, have some fun!
Keep enjoying, life is long, you can repent later!
Don't remain cool during anger, patience is for cowards!
Everybody's doing it. Don't be extremist; spice up your life!
Oh, you have too many sins. Allah will not forgive you, keep doing sins!

O Allah! Let not shaytaan shake our Imaan by his tricks
& keep us all steady on the Right Path. Aameen.


Prayers are invisible,
But they make imposible things possible

It is ALLAH's job to work the wonders.

Our part is the most simple PRAY, BELIEVE n WAIT... :)

5 solutions to bring unity

Islam Gives 5 Solutions 2 Bring Unity
1 Avoid Useless Talk
2 Avoid Pet Names
3 Avoid Making Fun Of Others
4 Avoid Anger
5 Speak Truth.

Islam is University

Islam is University,
World is class room,
Quran is Sylabus,
Hazrat Muhammad SAW is the teacher,
Allah is the Examiner,
Try to pass the final exam

Acompany guest to the door of house

It is part of the Sunna that
A man should accompany his guest
to the door of the house.
(Ibn Majah, Baihaqi).

Sadqa during his lifetime

It is better for a man
to give one dirham as Sadqa during his lifetime
than to give a hundred at the time of his death.

(Abu Dawud).

Jab meri dua qubul hoti hai

Jab meri dua qubul hoti hai
to mai khush hota hu k is me meri RAZA hai,

or jab meri dua qubul nahi hoti
tab me aur ziyada khush hota hu
k is mai ALLAH rabbul izzat ki raza hai.

Tang-dasti, dozakh, maal aur jannat

Log tung-dasti se jtna darty hain
agar dozakh se dare'n tou dono' se bach jaye'n

Maal se jtni mohabbat karty hain
agar jannat se kare'n tou dono' pa le'n"

Imam Ghazali

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