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SMS / Text Messages

Ka gari na v pa de khar rasha.

Ya pa sparli ya pa akhtar rasha
Charta yao wraz kho pa chakar rasha
Da ratlo hasy sa bana jora ka
Ya pa raza ya marawar rasha
Da karaya hasy baana ma kawa
Ka gari na v pa de khar rasha.
/ .” ) “^—-;^;
,,/ “( , G ,, )
//\ //\

She is a women, Respect HER

U can get her love in the form of
Sister, Friend, Beloved, Wife,
in the form of Mother
in the form of Grandmother.....
so,.....Respect HER...
She is a Woman!
Happy Women's Day!

Teddy Day Message [ 11 Feb ]

Finding Teddy Whom You Can Live With Is Easy.
Finding Teddy You Can’t Live Without Is Difficult.
I Am Glad I Found You With
Whom I Can Live With And Without Whom
I Would Stop Existing.
Always Be Mine.

Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Rose Day Message For BoyFriend/GirlFriend

Can You Imagine The World Without Roses?
It Won’t Be The Same Because
An Important Part Of Its Beauty Will Be Lacking
That Is What My Life Would Be Without You

Happy Rose Day.

Happy Republic Day 2017 Wishes

All May There Be Peace and Prosperity
and May We Rejoice In the Blessings
that Our Country Has Given Us
Happy Best Republic Day Wishes to All

The greatest gift

The greatest gift
you can give to someone
is your time,

because when you give your time,
you're giving them a portion of life
that you never get back.
Good Morning,
Have a lovely day!