SMS / Text Messages

That is not my dog.

Man1 sitting with dog.
Man2:Your dog bits?
Man 2 sits and the dog bits!
Man2 angrily, you said he does not bit!
Man:That is not my dog.

Your voice is like JAZZ.. Aur sunao..

Your face is like's all about u
Your voice is like JAZZ.. Aur sunao..
Your friendship is like TELENOR..Ab chaho kuch barh k
Your love is like PAKTEL.. Q k Dil To Aik Hai.

There is "lie" in believe ....

There is "lie" in believe
"over" in lover
"end" in friend
"Us" in trust
"ex" in next
and "if" in life.

Why were males created before females?

Why were males created before females?

Because you alwas need
a rough draft before the final copy.

The full form of PAINS !

Whenever you get pain in your life
Just think about the full form of PAINS !


I will take either side

A lawyer saw an auto accident on street.
He rushed over and started handing out
business cards saying:
I saw the whole thing..
I will take either side.

My personality and my attitude.

Make no mistake between
my personality and my attitude.

My personailty is who I am,
My attitude depends on who you are.

Devil challenged in a game of cricket

The devils challenged
the angels to a game of cricket.

We have got all the cricketers, said the Angels.
Devils:No problem,
we have got all the umpires.

When do you want to start?

Boss:I will give you Rs.25 an hour starting today
and in 3 months, I will raise it to Rs.50 an hour.
When do you want to start?
New employee:In 3 months.

I know nothing lasts 4ever

I know nothing lasts 4ever,
& may be we went 2 alawys stay 2gather,
But every smile & tear we share,
convinces me that memories of u &
me will last 4 the rest of my life..
Beyond 4ever.

I am Looking for a Bank

I am Looking for a Bank
which can perform Two things for me.

Give me a Loan,
then Leave me Alone :p

Ur aim in life should b 54321..

Ur aim in life shud b 54321..
Shockd !!
I mean‚¦

5- Five digit salary
4- Four wheeler vehicle
3- Three room flat
2- Two cute children
1- One sweetheart