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There is no end.

There is no end.
There is no beginning.
There is only the
infinite passion of life.

(Federico Fellini)

Any boyfriend before marriage

Husband 2 Wife : Did u Have any boyfriend before marriage ??
Wife remains silent

Husband : Mai is Khamoshi ko kya samjhu ??
Wife : Abbe gin ne to De.

Excellent & Positive Description of "Who is a MAN?"

Who is a MAN?

A man is a beautiful part of God's creation who starts compromising at a very tender age.
He sacrifices his chocolates for his sister.
He sacrifices his dreams for just a smile on his parents face.
He spends his entire pocket money on buying gifts for the lady he loves just to see her smiling.
He sacrifices his full youth for his wife & children by working late at night without any complain.
He builds their future by taking loans from banks & repaying them for lifetime.
He struggles a lot & still has to bear scolding from his mother, wife & boss.
His life finally ends up only by compromising for others' happiness.

If he goes out, then he's careless
If he stays at home, then he's a lazy
If he scolds children, then he's a monster
If he doesn't scold, then he's a irresponsible guy
If he stops wife from working, then he's an insecure guy
If he doesn't stops wife from working, then he's somebody who lives on wife's earnings.
If he listens to mom, then he's mama's boy
If he listens to wife, he's wife's slave

Respect every male in your life. U will never know what he has sacrificed for you.
Worth sending to every man to make him smile & every woman to make her realize his worth!

No chip chip / no chik chik

DAD:dear son,why yor sister sitting so silent
SON:Nothing dad sister asked
lipstik, but i gave fevistik.
No chip chip
no chik chik

I don't trust easily

"I Don't TRUST Easily
Because The People
I Have Trusted In The Past Gave Me
A Reason Not To. . ."

Skills learning and mastering

"Skills r started with learning
Mastered with Improvements
Nothing is Hereditary Except Death!!" :-)

Coffee and wine shop difference

Santa-What Is Difference
Between COFFEE Shop & WINE
Banta-COFFEE Shop Is The
Starting Point Of LOVE & WINE
Shop Is Last Point Of LOVE

Who you think you€re not.

Its not
who you are that holds you back,
who you think youre not.


I was a fool when I married you.

After a quarrel, a husband said to his wife,
You know, I was a fool when I married you.
She replied, Yes dear, I know
but I was in love and didnt notice.

Husband aur wife in hotel

Husband aur Wife Hotel
me gaye tabhi 1 Lady ne Hello kiya,
Wife nay pocha,"Koun Thi Wo?"
Husband:-Tum dimagh kharab mat karo,
main pehle hi pareshan hun k woh bhi Yehi pochay gi.

Mein ne to bohat chaha magar wo mila he nahi ...

"Mein ne to bohat chaha magar wo mila he nahi ...
Laakh koshish ki magar fasla mita he nahi...
Us ko majboor zamane ne is kadar kar diya k...
Meri kisi saada par woh thehra he nahi...
khuda se jholi pehla kay manga tha usay ...
Khuda ne meri kisi dua ko sunna he nahi...
Har aik se pucha sabab us kay na milne ka ...
Har eik ne kaha woh tere liye bana hi nahi...!!