Miscellaneous sms jokes that are hard to categorize, I consider them as simply hilarious sms jokes

Allow a Man to MARRY 2 Women

Why Government do NOT
allow a Man to MARRY 2 Women.

Because per Constitution,
for the same Mistake.

Corporate Lessons

Corporate Lessons

"We will do it"
"U will do it."

"U have done a great job"
"More work will be given to u."

"We r a team"
"I am not the only one to be blamed."

"That is a good question"
"I do not know anything about it."

"All the best "
"U r in trouble." :)

Law Of Reverse Dynamics

Law Of Reverse Dynamics:

When A Man Becomes Rich
He Becomes Naughty &
When A Woman Becomes Naughty.
She Becomes Rich...

My phone is like my lover...

My phone is like my lover...
It's the last thing I see at night,
and the first thing
I wake up to ever morning!

Where the HELL Is LOVE in Taj Mahal ?

TAJ MAHAL the symbol of love..
but the other lesser known facts:

1) Mumtaz was shahjahans 4th wife out of his 7 wives.
2) Shahjahan killed mumtaz's husband to marry her.
3) Mumtaz died in her 14th delivery.
4) He then married mumtaz's sister.

Question arises.. Where the HELL Is LOVE???

Unfortunately, without my cell phone, I wouldn't

Unfortunately, without my cellphone, I wouldn't

1. know what time it is
2. be able to solve a math question
3. know a single phone number
4. know the date
5. be able to text my friend when I'm at their house
6. take a snap shot at a picture-perfect time
7. be able to wake up from an alarm in the morning
8. find my way in the dark.

Pathan's wife bought sweater

Pathan's wife bought a
Beautiful sweater for her husband...
She sent it to him by parcel
Along with a note ... That said
"the buttons of d sweater r removed
Since they were too heavy & added
To the postage. U'll find 'em
In d right hand pocket of the sweater"

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