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Happy Republic day 26th Jan

Thousands laid down their lives
so that our country breath this day...
never forget their sacrifice..

Happy Republic day 26th Jan

Want 2 say Merry christmas

() '''*()

() "'* ()
Where are you?

()*''' ()

() ''''*()
Ah..! There u r...

just want to say
Merry Christmas

The most colourful Holi.

Auspicious red.
Sunkissed gold.
Soothing silver.
Pretty purple.
Blissful blue.
Forever green.
I wish u and all family members
The most colorful Holi.

Your way happy birthday

I'm so blessed 2 have a friend like u
This comes with many
Loving thoughts & warm wishes
I send 2 u,
May ur day be filled with laughter
On this ur special day & may the finest things
In life always come
Ur way happy birthday!


Rain is not only drops of water.
It is the LOVE of sky 4 earth.
They never meet each other but send LOVE this way.
Enjoy the LOVE of nature.


Hold two contradictory thoughts

The superior person can hold two contradictory thoughts
simultaneously and still continue to function.
You need a long-term vision combined with short-term focus.
- Brian Tracy

How good it feels

"You have no idea how good
it feels to wake up every
morning knowing you are
mine and i am yours"
Have a great day ahead

Excuse for Halloween everyday

Being in a band
you can wear whatever you want -
it's like an excuse for Halloween everyday.
~Gwen Stefani