'The POLITE Way to PEE!

''The POLITE Way to PEE!"

Teacher trying to teach good manners asked her students this question:
Michael if u were on a date having di˝ner with a nice young lady, how wud u tell her that u hav to go to the bathroom?
Michael, "Just a min i hav to go pee".
Teacher: That would be rude & impolite. How about u SAM. Sam said "i realy need 2 go 2 toilet, i m sory". Teacher, "thats beter but stil not nice to say word toilet. Oh u little Jonny can u use ur brain?
JONNY said,
"Darling,may i plz b excused for a moment?I've 2 shake hands with a very dear frnd of mine, whom i hope 2 introduce 2 u after diner" :-p