Just like I was at the start

Everyday I get more afraid
Of giving my heart away

Scared of what love will bring
Too nervous to hear the words youíll say

I find myself lost in you
Not sure if I want to be

I see the looks that you give
And wonder what you see in me

I donít want my heart broken
But I am so in love

I canít seem to give up
A guy sent from above

So Iím gonna trust you
Please donít let me down

For I am giving you a chance
To turn my life around

Donít take it for granted
ĎCause it might not last long

I have weak thoughts
And my heart isnít too strong

Iím putting my life in your hands
Now itís all up to you

I look forward to the places we go
And the things weíll be put through

But remember that Iím vulnerable
And I canít stand to be hurt

I want to be at the top of your list
But I donít have to be first

Believe me when I tell you
That I love you with all my heart

That Iím here for you forever and always
Just like I was at the start