Suffering From Sadness Or Depression

To All Those Suffering From Sadness Or Depression,
Know That It Isnít Your Fault.
It Isnít Because Youíre Weak.
It Isnít Because Youíre Just Not Grateful Enough.
It Isnít Because Youíre Just Not Religious Enough.
It Isnít Because You Donít Have Enough Faith.
It Isnít Because ALLAH Is Angry With You.
To All The Well-Meaning People Who Tell You This, Just Smile.
And Know Deep In Your Heart That The Tests Of ALLAH Come In
Different Forms To Different People.
And Know That, By The Help Of ALLAH, Every Test Can Become
A Tool To Get Closer To Him.
And That, Verily, With Hardship Come Ease - And Like All Things
Of This World - This Too Shall Pass.