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Positive attitude in life

Always have a
positive attitude in life.
There is something positive
In every person.
Even a stopped watch is right
Twice a day

Never cry for any relation in life

Never cry for any relation in life
Because for the one whom you cry
Does not deserve your tears
And the one who deserves
Will never let you cry...

Not using your smile

"If you are not using your smile,
Then you are a person
with million dollars in the bank
having no cheque book"

Happiness is like a butterfly

Happiness is like a butterfly,
u run after it, it keeps flying away.
If u stand still it comes & sits on ur shoulders.

Wish u the most happiest moments!

Who your well wishers are

When your successful
your well wishers know
who you are

when you are unsuccessful
you know
who your well wishers are

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