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Sacrifice is greater than love

Sacrifice is greater than love,

character is greater than beauty,

humanity is greater than wealth,

but nothing is greater than good relations.

The trouble with a Rat race

The trouble with a Rat race
is that even if u win,
u are still a Rat.

So Always run with Lions.
No matter even if u r defeated,
u are still a Lion.

Dont read success story.

Dont read success story.
Read only failure story,
B'coz, failure story you get new idea to win,
from Success story you get only message.
Good morning to u

What you choose to see

If U Look for Gud
U ll find Gud
If U look for Bad
U ll find Bad

In Life U always find
What U look for
Only thing tht matter is
What U choose to see


Actions make u feel..

I've learned that

people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget

how you made them feel.”

Save relation,,be mature

Immature people want to win an argument,

even at the cost of relationship.

Mature people opt to loose

an argument in order to maintain a relation....

Flexibility win hearts

Flexibility in a stem makes

a tree stand in storm.

Flexibility in behaviour makes

a human win hearts...

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