Not Trying Guarantees FAILURE

Trying May Not Guarantee
S U C C E S S,
Not Trying Guarantees
F A I L U R E ___ !!!

Roots of true achievement

"The roots of true achievement
Lie in the will
to become the best
you can become ..."

~Harold Taylor~

The winner of life game

The winners of life's game aren't those
who have never tasted failure
Those who have tasted failure
again and again but never give up

Be like a candle

Be like a candle
which burns itself
gives light to others

Trust yourself

Trust yourself
Create D Kind Of Self that
You'll B Happy 2 Live with
All Ur life
Make D Most Of yourself
By Fanning D Tiny, inner
Sparks Of Possibility In
2 Flames Of Achievements ... :)

Throw stones in the path of ur success

In this world people will always throw stones
in the path of ur success,
it depends on you...
What you make from them
a wall
a bridge

Changing/Facing the Change

"changing the face"
can change nothing ..
"facing the change"
can change everything..!!!!

Enjoy the little things

Enjoy the little things,
for one day you may look back
and realize they were the big things.

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