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Just go to hell

Just go to hell
yes you
u only !
only you can change
hell into heaven
by your sweetness.!

Reason for that smile is nothing

Definition of “nothing”…..

Time doesn’t wait for you or me..
Days pass ‘n year change,
You miss me.. I miss you,
You moved away with your loved ones,

Your life changes,
Friends change,
People change,

But your heart has
Those precious moments engraved in it
If you want it or not,
They are always their,

Making you sad at happy times
‘N happy at sad times..

You think about those lovely
‘N happy days than smile :)
‘N when somebody asks you the reason for that smile..

You just say

Friends are like a page in a book of life

Friends are like a page in a book of life,
Every page with a different subject.
But best friends r d index page
covering every subject.
Thx 4 being index page of my life.

Relationship is like a Garden

Relationship is like a Garden
It’s beautiful when watered with


But It dries up if left untouched

Stay in touch with your love ones

Difference between Special and Important peoples!

Special Is Different From Important.
Special Is Someone
You Will Never Forget For The
Rest Of Your Life.
Important Is Someone
You Need For The Rest Of
Your Life.

You will always be my friend

In this WORLD,
where everything seems UNCERTAIN,
only one thing is DEFINITE.

You’ll always be my FRIEND,
beyond WORDS, beyond TIME
beyond DISTANCE!

Prepared for future construction

Never Try to Go Back And Repair The Past,
That Is Impossible,
Be Prepared To Construct The Future Which Is Predictable. . .

Have A Splendid Day =)

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