For those who have been cheated and got their heart broken, we have compiled Broken Heart SMS Collection, Broken heart messages and broken heart text.If you have poetic taste you may be interested in broken heart quotes, broken heart poems and broken heart poetry.

It is not yours

Avoiding something doesn't always
mean that u hate it..

It could also mean that u want it,
but u just know that it isn't urs.. :(

Scribbled by dear ones

Nobody In The World
Can Have A Crystal Clear Heart.!!


Everyone's Heart Has Some Scratches
Scribbled By Their Dear Ones

You are there but ...

If The Person U Love Doesn't Love U Back
Just Imagine That U Are The Letter 'E'
In The Word L O V E -
You Are There But Never Pronounced. :(

Break my heart

Break my heart
destroy my soul
leave me crying
i'd still love you
i won't expect you to
love me in return ...

Nothing to you, everything to me

Its Not When I Look Back,
At All The Memories &
Good Times We Had,
Makes Me Sad,
Its When U Consider Those,
Memories As Nothing To you,
When They Meant,
Everything To Me.

Some broken heart...

Some broken heart, may never mend,
Some memories may never end,

Some wet tears may never dry,
But my love for you will never die...

I still love you and I probably will

I only have two words for you: Iím done.
After everything Iíve done for you, every chance that I gave you,
and yet you still break my heart. But itís over now.
Finally Iíve realized that I donít deserve this and honestly,
you donít deserve me.
Yeah I still love you and I probably will for a long time,
but I canít stay here anymore. It hurts too much.
I guess this is moving on.

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