Attitude of girls

Attitude of girls:

When a boy sends dirty sms
she laughs for 10 minutes,
forward dat to her friends n
then replies the boy.
"i dont like that kind of sms ok?" :p ;->

Feel d difference of boy / girl

If a boy gives a love letter 2 a gal, people call him "Loffer"
But if a gal gives a letter 2 a boy, they call it "Offer".
Feel the difference;)

Purity of honey

Buyer to seller : is it pure honey ?
How do I know if it is pure honey ?
Seller : give the dog some honey ..
if the dog doesn't lick it, it is pure honey

Buyer :what if the dog licks it ?
Seller: so it is not a real dog.

Man standing on the scale

Man standing on the scale,
holding his stomach in.
Wife:I do not think that is going to help.
Man:Sure it does. How else could I see the numbers?

Fatman sitting in a train cabin

A man sees a fat man
sitting in a train cabin.

Taunting, he asks:
Is this cabin for elephants only!

Fat man humbly replies:
No!Even monkeys like you can sit!

I can't eat such a rotten chicken.

Diner: I can't eat such a rotten chicken.
Call the manager!
Waiter: It's no use. He won't eat it either.

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