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Examples of stupid questions people ask

Examples of stupid questions people ask..

1. When people c u lying down, wid ur eyes closd dy still ask:- r u sleepin?

2. When it's rainin & some1 notices u goin out, dy ask: - r u going out in dis rain?

3. Ur friend calls ur home fone:- where r u?

4. Dey see u wet comin 4m de bathroom:- did u just hav a bath?

5. U r standin rite in front of de elevator on the ground floor & dey ask:- goin up?

6. U bring a bunch of flowers 4 ur sweet heart. & dey ask:- r dose fl.wers?

7. U'r on the queue 2 buy tickets de cinema, a friend saw u & ask:- wat r u doin here?

Memories we shared

You can crop me
out of the pictures we
took together,
You can never crop me
out of the memories
we shared

Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak

"Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak",

May Allah shower
countless blessing
upon You and Your Family.
Keep me in your prayers.

Have an enjoyable diwali mela

Delightful laddos
Incandecent diyas
Whole lot of fun
A big stock of masti
Lots of mithai
Innemurable fireworks
Wishing you the best bargain
on fun n
lots of sale-e-bration
have an enjoyable diwali mela

Side effect of excess study

Side effect of excess study :p
A Guy Went To A Restaurant,
He Wanted To See The Menu
But He Forgot WhAt It Is Called;

He Asked Waiter,
"Syllabus Lana Zara":-P

"Your friend turns into your love"

One Of The Best Moments In Life Is Wen,
"U See Ur Yellow Rose Turning Red Rose",
Hard 2 Understand????
So Read Again..

"Your friend turns into your love"

When is Teacher's Day ?

Teachers Day Is Celebrated In:

India = 5 Sept
Pakistan = 5 Oct
China = 10 Sept
Germany = 5 Oct
Sri lanka = 6 Oct
Malaysia = 16 May
Newzealand = 29 Oct
Brazil = 15 Oct

Words 2 explain friendship

Excllent lines said by a friend
"I have no words 2 explain my friendship"
Because i have got amazing person
who can understand even my silence.