Real Love is When ....

Real Love is When :-
1 - Is when You Lay
Awake At Niight And wiish That
Person was Lyiing Next To You.
2 - Is feeliing That
Person Move You Inside Your
Heart ;; Even If They Are One
Thousand Miiles Away.
3 - Is wiishing So Hard
That You Could Dream About Them
Every Niight when You Go To Bed.
4 - Is when You Look At
A Piicture Of Love Ones And Say
5 - Is when whatever
Happens In your Day ;; whatever
Music You Liisten To ;; whatever
You Read ;; whatever you
Imagine ;; whatever someone says
To you ;; It Remiinds You of Them.
6 - Is when you Have a
Passiion a Desiire To Tell Them
How Much You Love Them.
7 - Is when You Cry
Yourself To Sleep As They wiill
Never Be Yours.
8 - Is when There is
Simply No words To Explaiin How
Your Feeliing.
9 - Is when No Matter
Where You Go In Life ;; Or
Whatever happens That One
Person wiill Always Be there ;;
Following You Liike a Shadow.
10 - Is what Lasts
Forever and Ever and Ever untiil
Forever Never Ends