Do u know whats A B C D E F G?

Do u know whats A B C D E F G?
A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl

Now reverse da order, can u guess the full form of: G F E D C B A ?
Girls Forgets Everything Done & Catches(new) Boy Again.

Prepared for future construction

Never Try to Go Back And Repair The Past,
That Is Impossible,
Be Prepared To Construct The Future Which Is Predictable. . .

Have A Splendid Day =)

I know nothing lasts 4ever

I know nothing lasts 4ever,
& may be we went 2 alawys stay 2gather,
But every smile & tear we share,
convinces me that memories of u &
me will last 4 the rest of my life..
Beyond 4ever.

Ur aim in life should b 54321..

Ur aim in life shud b 54321..
Shockd !!
I mean‚¦

5- Five digit salary
4- Four wheeler vehicle
3- Three room flat
2- Two cute children
1- One sweetheart

Increment in taste of relations

As time goes on,
The taste of relations increases.
Either it becomes more Sweet or More Salty
That depends only on what we add 2 it DAILY..

Present yourself happy

Try To Present Yourself
That You Are Happy
Slowly It Becomes Your Habit
Finally It Becomes Your Character.

Happy new month of JUNE

Happy new month
I pray the month of june
will bring forth to our life:
J...joyful noise.
U..unlimited favour. mercy.
E..everlasting grace

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