Special at first sight

Everybody seems to
be SPECIAL at first sight,
But only the SPECIAL ones
maintain their level of dignity
till the last sight of the life.

Effective lines for adjustment & argument

Very effective lines:

1."Adjustment is always better than Argument"
2."A meaningful silence is better than meaningless words"

Most problems due becoz of two reasons

Most of the problems in life comes
because of two reasons .

First, we act without thinking
second,We keep thinking without acting.

Happiness is a perfume.

Happiness is a perfume.
You cannot spread on others without getting a few drops on urself.
So always be happy to make others happy !

Always call ur loved ones

Always give a call to ur loved ones!
No matter how busy u are...
This will develop a sense of
responsibility and care between u!

Understanding Silence and words

No sound in this world can be
more louder than silence,
If any one can understand ur
silence,they can never
misunderstand ur words.!!

No use of running fast

A Nice German Proverb:
“There Is No Use Of Running Fast…
When You Are On The Wrong Road…”
So, First Choose The Correct Way In Your Life..

Can never forget 2 faces

Man cn Nvr Forget 2 Face in his whole Life....
-D 1 Who HOLDS his hand in Difficult Time.
-D other Who LEAVES Him Alone in Difficult Time

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