Respect emotions instead of expressions

Respect the emotions in someone's heart,
rather than the expression on someones face

because expression is just a formality
but emotions are reality. . . .

God Always Has Something For You

God Always Has Something For You

A Key For Every Problem
A Light For Every Shadow
A Relief For Every Sorrow
A Plan For Every Tomorrow

Keep Faith

NOT everyone can handle LUXURY.

Have you ever noticed that
Royal Royce and Mercedes have any commercials.
Ans: NO..Why?

Reason: They know the value of their product
& that brings the customers to them.

Lesson: When u know ur value,
u don't have to beg people to be in ur life,
to be friends with u, to spend time with u or to love u.
Be confident in who u are,
just remember NOT everyone can handle LUXURY.

Too often .. v hurt d one closest

Too often
We don't realize
What we have
It's gone,

Too often
We're too stubborn to say
'Sorry, I was wrong'

Too often
It seems we hurt the one's closest to our hearts
We let the most foolish things tear us apart . . . !!!

One day u may ask me

One day u may ask me:
What is more important to you,
me or your life?
I will say: My life‚¦
You will walk away from me
without knowing that U R MY LIFE!

Urgently Needed Electrician, Optician, Artist, Constructor, Gardener & Mathematician

Urgently needed:
Not blood, but an Electrician to restore the current between people who do not speak to each other anymore.
An Optician, to change the outlook of people.
An Artist, to draw a smile on everyone's face.
A Constructor, to build a bridge between neighbors.
A Gardener, to cultivate good thoughts.
And last but not least a Mathematician, for all of us to relearn how to add love and sympathy to our relations.

How you look at life

''L I V E T O G E T H E R"

What did u read?

Live Together
Live To Gather
Live To Get Her.

Just a beautiful way 2 say
'LIFE' is the way how u look at it"

Realise It Before You Lose!

"When Someone Cares For Us,
We Think They R Boring Us.
When We Really Need Them,
Someone Else Have Already Liked Their Boring Care!"

Realise It Before You Lose!

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