Seeds of patience, sweet fruits

When You Plant The
Seeds Of Patience,
All You Harvest Is
Sweet Fruits Of Happiness,
Love N Care
Million Smiles On Those
Million People Who Cares For You

7 reasons positive emotions are good

7 reasons positive emotions are good 4 ur heart:

1-Laughter makes blood flow more freely
2-Hugs release Oxytocin and remove stress from the body
3-When you meet someone that ur heart goes crazy for, your heart gets a workout
4-Spending time with a loved one lowers blood pressure
5-Love letters may lower blood cholesterol
6-Holding hands calms nerves
7-A positive attitude lowers the risk of heart attack

Today's Reality : (Not A Joke)

Today's Reality : (Not A Joke)

Big House But Small Family.!
More Degrees But Less Common Sense.
Advanced Medicine But Poor Health.!
Touched Moon But Neighbours Unknown.!
High Income But Less Peace Of Mind.!
High IQ But Less Emotions.!
Good Knowledge But Less Wisdom.!
Lots Of Human Beings But Less Humanity.!
Many Comedians,But None Are.. FreaKy.!

u cant change the future

Marco Polo said:

"U can not
change ur

but u can

change ur habits....
surely ur habits will
ur future"

Happiness cannot be found

Happiness cannot be found
when you seek it for yourself
but when you give it to others,
it will find it's way back to you
that's the mystery of happiness
it grows when shared.

7 Reasons Why Boys Are Always Happy Creatures ?

7 Reasons Why Boys Are Always Happy Creatures ?

1: Their Last Name Stays With Them Forever,
2: Phone Conversations Last Just For 30 Secs Flat,
3: A Five Day Vacation Requires Only One Jeans,
4: If Someone Forgets To Invite Them,He Can Still Be Their Friend,
5: The Same Hair Style Lasts For Years Or Even Decades,
6: They Can Do Shopping For 25 Relatives In 25 Minutes,
7: They Don't Freak Out When They Go To A Party N See Another Man Wearing The Same Shirt, Instead They Become Buddies.

Living for Others is the Rule of Nature

Nothing in the nature lives for itself

Rivers don't drink their own water

Trees don't eat their own fruit

Sun doesn't give heat for itself

Moon doesn't ever go on honeymoon

Flowers don't spread fragrance for themselves

Living for Others is the Rule of Nature

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